The Problem with Managing Your IT "In House"

Why relying on your In-house IT might not be the best idea after-all

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The Problem with Managing Your IT “In House”

As a technology addict who for some weird reason appreciates reading articles about bookkeeping, I bumped onto an article titled ” How to prevent tech troubles: 8 tips to keep IT-related problems from wasting workers’ time” in an old issue of the Journal of Accountancy.

Even though I concur with the majority of the tips, the seventh tip, “If possible, hire a dedicated IT person (or more than one)”, raised an alarm for as an IT Managed Services provider (MSP). The article expresses that if a firm is too little to even think about employing a full-time IT individual, have somebody who can work with an outside IT firm.

  1. In-house IT is fading away

The times of having to have an in-house IT individual or staff who can oversee everything are rapidly concluding. Innovation is simply progressing excessively quickly. The range of abilities required for “arrange heads” and the related financial matters is directing the transition to the MSP model. This isn’t to imply that those in-house IT individuals are not required, yet they should supplement the MSP.

In contrast to their large business partners, most private companies, including Accounting firms, don’t have the methods or the need for employing a full-time IT staff to deal with everything from the littlest email issue too the enormous IT related needs like migrations to the cloud. Along these lines, it bodes well for a large number of them to connect with a capable MSP who can assist with adjusting their technology to their business objectives. I wrote another article explaining why a business should consider outsourcing their IT to an MSP.

2. The Role outsourced IT companies play (MSP)

An MSP’s essential job is to comprehensively manage businesses’ IT infrastructure ensuring minimal downtime for your business and your staff. Afritech Computing achieves this through a Remote helpdesk system, 24/7 network monitoring, uninterrupted system remediation (You would not even know a problem existed until you see the monthly report).

Consider these IT necessities today. Organizations must possess a wide scope of IT knowledge and skill: virtualization technology, email management and continuity (online or hosted), anti-virus deployment and management, event notification and remediation, patch management, backup and recovery management, and remediation, workstation and server troubleshooting, managing hosted applications and infrastructure, developing and maintaining a real, VoIP systems, the list is endless.

How does a small or even medium company employ an “IT Administrator” who is skilled in all these specialties? How does independent company know-how to meeting and recruit for this position? Sadly, the answer is, most don’t and can’t.

3. Outsourcing what you cannot handle is the way to go

On the same site, I saw a commercial for a cloud-based proficient bookkeeping framework giving outsourced accounting services. Similarly, as an MSP gives IT services to organizations that don’t have the means and ability to run their IT ecosystem, this service provides accounting services for businesses without the means or expertise to handle their accounting.

This makes perfect sense to me because who should know more about performing the daily accounting processes than an Accounting firm? By the same token, who better to provide IT services to an Accounting firm than an experienced IT Service provider?

Does your business need assistance with overseeing its technology ecosystem? Call Afritech Computing today – we’d be glad to help.

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