Why Outsource Your IT?


Are you unsure if it’s a good idea to outsource IT support?  We’ve got the top 10 reasons you should be outsourcing your IT to a Small business IT support company.

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    1. Control IT Service Costs

    IT professionals on your staff will  spring into action and fix whatever problem has popped up. But what about when everything is up and running just fine and there are no problems? Does their salary decrese because they’ve had less to do?

    When you outsource IT,  you get to pick and choose which IT services you need. Those services will, in turn, be the only things you’ll need to pay for, easily lowering your operating costs.

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    2. Reduction in the cost of IT staff

    At Entry level, a basic IT department consist of an IT Manager (R25,000 pm), Tech Support (R12,000 pm), Network Admin (R18,000 pm). In addition to that, there’s the cost of the initial recruitment and associated company benefits.

    Add on on-going training to ensure they have the latest skills required and the costs begins to spiral.

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    3. Quality IT Proffesionals

    Outside of paying the IT professionals on your staff, you also have to spend time recruiting new IT members to replace those that leave your company for whatever reason. This can waste a lot of time for your HR department.

    When you make the decision to outsource IT, your IT company will be in charge of handling recruiting and putting the right people in place to handle your needs. You can rest assured knowing they have the skills and experience it takes to tackle any IT issue.

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    4. Relevant IT Training and Certification

    The IT world is always changing, there are always new courses that those in it need to take.

    IT training can be expensive for you and your company. It can also leave you without an IT professional on your staff on certain training days, which can leave your company vulnerable.

    If you decide to outsource IT, it will be up to the company you work with to take care of training their employees and ensuring they have enough experience to tackle certain jobs. You won’t ever have to spend another dime sending an IT professional to a training course.

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    5. Latest Forms of Technology

    There are new forms of technology that are popping up every single day and making it easier for your company to function. Problem is, many companies have IT professionals that don’t have the time to investigate new forms of technology and incorporate them into the mix.

    You can stay one step ahead of the game when you outsource IT and work with Afriteq Computing because we always have one eye on the future.

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    6. Staff productivity

    Some companies prefer to keep costs low. They delegate the responsibility of their IT network to one of their staff who have some degree of IT knowledge.

    Whilst this sounds attractive, it is worth considering how much time these individuals spend resolving IT issues for the rest of the team. Could their time be better spent on developing your own business? What happens when a major issue occurs that they can’t resolve?

    IT outsourcing frees up productivity time. It allows your team to focus on areas that can help your business grow.

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    7. 24/7/365 – One Stop Shop

    No matter how hard your IT professionals work, they aren’t going to be on the job all the time.

    They’re going to go away on vacation or take a sick day every now and then. If an IT emergency pops up when they’re not around, what are you going to do? When you outsource IT, this will never be a problem, as Afriteq Computing  offers 24/7/365 service to customers.

    You can get someone on the phone at any time of the day or night to discuss an IT issue.

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    8. Proactive Maintenance

    Chances are that your IT support strategy revolves around a break/ fix set up. Essentially this means that you typically address a problem as it arises. By this time it is likely that your business and the staff’s productivity have been affected to some degree.

    Pro-active remote monitoring of your IT network on a 24/7 basis  allows issues and problems to be identified and addressed even before they affect the user reducing the downtime they could experience as a result.

    In addition to monitoring the network, all of the software updates and patch installations on all devices are being updated (fully automated to maintain the integrity of your network).

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    9. Risk management

    Working in partnership with IT experts should not only mean that you reduce the number of problems that affect your business, but also in the event of a crisis someone else is responsible to get things working correctly and in good time.

    With the right agreement in place, this may extend to legal responsibility, which could enable you to seek damages if something goes wrong.

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    10. Focus on your business

    Your business is very important to you, and you work very hard to keep it afloat. You spend tons of time, energy, and money doing whatever you can to make it as successful as possible.

    With the current state of the economy it is more important than ever to focus on your business and its clients.

So forget about the worry of your IT network and outsource it to the experts. If you need any more reasons to outsource your IT support, give us a call and we can talk in more detail.

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